Continuing Professional Development for Lawyers

Continuing Professional Development


Where Lawyers Learn and Connect

All New Zealand lawyers who provide regulated services are required to complete annual mandatory continuing professional development (CPD)… but just because it’s mandatory doesn’t mean it needs to be a chore!

At PocketLegal we believe CPD provides a valuable opportunity for lawyers to enrich their knowledge, get the most out of their practice and develop holistically as an individual. There is so much more to CPD than 10 points in a day, black letter legal updates and that annual symposium which feels remarkably like last year’s offering.

PocketLegal offers unique and varied continuing professional development training to lawyers. At its core, PocketLegal seeks to grow knowledge, connect practitioners, empower practice and help to build a sense of community within the profession.

As lawyers we are at our best when we are challenged, engaged and supported by a network of like minded individuals.

Join with PocketLegal to learn and connect.

Connection. Community.

Connection. Community.

Knowledge. Empowerment.

Knowledge. Empowerment.



At last count there were more than 13,000 lawyers in New Zealand. Aside from providing great fodder for the odd lawyer joke, that’s a lot of practitioners looking to attend to their continuing professional development requirements.

We understand that all those lawyers aren’t stuck in traffic on Auckland’s waterfront or running laps of Lambton Quay on their lunch break which is why PocketLegal looks to provide regular face to face seminars, panel discussions and networking opportunities in Christchurch. Don’t worry though, we have our eyes firmly set on further main centres, as well as real-time online options, in the near future.

Check out our Events to secure your place at a PocketLegal event near you.