About Us

PocketLegal holds two core aims:

  • to facilitate events in which knowledge is gained, built upon and shared for the betterment of the profession, and

  • to develop and foster a supportive and networked community of legal professionals.

The practice of law, its application and the lifestyles of those who practice it are changing. Now more than ever, practitioners require adaptability, resilience and a focus on smarter ways of working.

PocketLegal believes that the requirement to complete 10 points of continuing professional development a year offers the perfect opportunity for practitioners to review personal and professional development needs and seek out courses, seminars or meet ups that can best develop individual areas of need.

We also recognise that those needs go beyond tick box updates and black letter law. PocketLegal seeks to deliver quality continuing professional development drawing on the skill and experience of like professions, offering insights from the professional workspace of disciplined industries that parallel the needs and focus of lawyers today.

PocketLegal looks forward to partnering with you in continuing professional development and network growth.


Sarah Alderson

Sarah Alderson is the Founder and Director of PocketLegal.

Before starting PocketLegal Sarah practiced law for 8 years in New Zealand and Australia. It was during practice and attending to her own continuing professional development requirements that Sarah realised there was both a genuine lack of understanding within the profession about what activities practitioners could engage in to meet their regulatory needs and a lack of diversity in the content available.

Alongside a need to revitalise a perceived lack of engagement in current CPD offerings, Sarah felt that the profession could do with more regular opportunities to get together, share experiences and network for the benefit of practitioner careers and mental health.

…and so PocketLegal was born.

Offering a wide range of soft skill, black letter and well-being seminars and plenty of opportunities to meet and network with legal peers, PocketLegal keeps Sarah busy in between chasing a tireless two year old, devising all manner of orange purees for the immediate rejection of her six month old and hunting down the perfect cup of coffee…of which she needs A LOT.