Why PocketLegal?

A few words spoken at the Canterbury Women’s Legal Association Mid-Winter dinner on finding my “Why?” - the beginning of PocketLegal and some big hopes for the future of the legal profession.

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Starting to Plan is Planning to Start: Nailing down your CPDPR

Writing and retaining a CPDPR is a requirement under the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act (Continuing Professional Development) Rules, but it should be more than just a check box, hurried scribble-down on the back of an envelope. It is the chance to reflect on what areas of your professional (and personal) business self, could do with a brush up this CPD year. Thankfully, the Iron Lady, Tupac Shukar and PocketLegal have had some thoughts on it….

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Your Network is your Net Worth - Porter Gale

Networking is an important element of building your professional profile and practice. Recognising some of the reasons why you may find networking difficult, or just a plain drag, can be the first step in pushing you out of your networking rut and into forging new connections.

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Sarah Alderson